NOTE:  Read God's Word to know Him; first, pray and He will reveal the
truth to you.  Second, study the context to get the intended meaning
of God's Word (2 Timothy 3:16-17). 

Conquerors  In   Christ!

As the Lord Jesus Christ seats on the heavenly throne, born again
Christians are victorious! Just think about that Christ Jesus conquered
even death, thus giving a blow to all His enemies.  God is alive and
real  (Romans 8:34).  Thank you for reading my articles--and your eternal life
hinges upon what I write.  Read the Bible, for it has the answer for your life!




Walking    According  To  The   Spirit

God's Word is clearly powerful (Heb 4:12)! Doing what we want may not be wise
without consulting the God of the Universe.  In essence, what we do matters to God
and may be conducive to either positive or negative results;consequently, God
commands us not to obey the flesh or the world's ways.

Romans 8:1 elucidates this important point:  "There is therefore now no
condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according
to the flesh, but according to the spirit." This verse, indeed, applies to believers

In fact, not obeying God is walking according to the flesh  which denotes spiritual
death.  Obeying or walking in the Spirit is life and the peace of God.
You may, as a reference, read Galatians 5:19-21, which mentions essential
elements of the 'Flesh'; the fruits of the Spirit, indeed, may be read in Galatians

In conclusion, Jesus Christ is life (John 3:16).  I encourage you to accept Him in
your life.  Also, read the Bible and pray God to open your eyes (Ps 119:18) to see that God  is real, but Satan wants you to stay in ignorance of God's Word (Romans 10:17).  Have you
read the Bible through? Make a schedule to do so.

May 24, 2017


God  Hears  Prayers!

Writing on this subject of whether Yahweh hears prayers
is essential to know.  In fact, only the Word of God can
answer this question! Yes, God hears whenever an obedient
believer prays.  In other words, when anyone asks for His
forgiveness and accepts Jesus Christ, the Lord listens to his

Reading the Word of God and being obedient to Him will
ensure that God hear your prayer. 

Finally, Listen and obey the Gospels which emphasize
Christ Jesus' true doctrine!  In essence, God commands
us to accept and obey the Gospels! Despising and rejecting
Jesus Christ is not the answer for mankind.  Praying as a true believer in Christ Jesus is the response to our prayers!
 Even the "Our Father who art heaven" prayer- Matthew 6:9
demands a true believer, for the Father wants obedience
(John 4:24).  I will mention Isaiah 59:2 and Proverbs
28:9 that you may read to comprehend the importance
that Yahweh attaches to His Word;please, read these verses to understand this article which accentuates  why
we ought to pray as a true- born again Christian! (7-26-17)

YAHWEH is REAL (Isaiah 45:22)!

"Our  Father  Who  Art  In  Heaven" ( Pater Noster)

In Matthew 6:9, there is a mention of the
Lord's prayer.  Importantly, a pertinent question arises, namely, whom is named to recite this verbatim? The Bible itself answers this question in John 1:12, where it clearly
indicates who a child of God is (one who has accepted and put his personal faith/trust in
the Lord Jesus Christ).  In other words, God
wants a relationship with a person who prays
this prayer.

In view of this notion, have you not accepted
Jesus Christ in your life, but desired to recite
the Lord's prayer? Since we are sinners (Genesis 3--Adamic sin inherited),we
need to accept Him first (Romans 3:23) and
we can approach "Our Father" with confidence that He will listen to us (Romans 6:23). 

In conclusion, a personal relationship (sincere) is essential between you and God
whenever you recite "Our Father".  I,therefore, encourage you to accept Jesus Christ (John 3:16-18).

Faith  Matters!



by:  Muller Jean

This article will focus on a few questions which have eternal
implications for mankind.  Indeed, whether you have accepted
Jesus Christ or rejected Him, hold on to a Bible to read the verses
which I will enumerate!  I will relate firstly to receiving Jesus Christ;
secondly,  I will expound on the impact of denying Jesus Christ in
your life.

First, you may ask me about what is sin ? Read  1 John 3:4!
What is, thus, the punishment for sin? Consult Romans 3:23.

Second, what can I do for this Divine infringement?; Romans
6:23 has the answer.

Bear in mind, indeed, Jesus Christ is Eternal God.  Where?
You can find the response in John 1:1.

I still do not know how to accept Him; a  ready answer is found  in
John 1:12.  Of course, you may verbalize yourself, stating your
willingness to rid yourself of the wilderness in your heart.  Simply,
say to Jesus Christ:  'I accept you NOW'.  Then, familiarize yourself
with John's Gospel (John 17:3).

In addition, every one may recite John 3:16-18.  Have you, nevertheless,
said to Jesus Christ, 'yes, I receive you as my personal Savior'?

In fact, Christ Jesus desires you to be saved (2 Peter 3:9).  But do you
want to refuse The One Who is from above (Heaven)--Who knows all
about us? Do you still decide to  say that: 'Jesus Christ, I don't
need you in my life?'  Listen and read this:  John 14:6 ( The way, Truth, and Life)

CHOOSING:  Joshua 24:15.  God commands us to obey Acts 16:30-31!


Surely, despising Jesus Christ has terrible consequences (Matthew 25:46).
Still has your Bible?  If so, read Luke 10:16.  To reject Jesus Christ or not to
reject Jesus Christ:  that is the question which mankind
 has to acquiesce to (Hebrews 12:25). Virtually, Jesus Christ has talked
a lot about Hell; being The Omniscient (He knows all things), His eternal
Word, the Bible, is the inerrant truth; therefore, Hell is real, my friends.
Consequently, escaping Hell asks for Jesus' intervention as the Redeemer!
Hebrews 2:3 is clear with regard to this fact!  In a nutshell, I would not
do much justice to such a short article, mentioning all that Jesus Christ
has expounded to Hell.  Read Revelation 21:8.

NOTE:  Confession and Repentance are God's imperatives for salvation
(Acts 2:38).  It is ad hoc to read the Word (Romans 10:17) to comprehend
God.  'By grace we are saved...(Ephesians 2:8-9).

MEMO:  Singing to the glory of God is a way to lift His Name (Yahweh)--Psalm 150.