I agree with you.  You seem to know about football--
                               not only about technical aspects, but you see far more
                               about how soccer really works--and what it stands for.
                               I enjoyed your analysis; it was quite logical and coherent
                               and it showed rationality instead of blind passion for any
                               Club or National Team.  Thumps up for you! You have
                               that you understand a lot about Brazil's Football issues.
                               What Brazilian team do you support? Thumps up for you
                               again!--Willington, Brazil.

                                Thank you, Mr. Willington!--Georges, Football Commentator

N.B.  For the World Cup 2018, join me on "Twitter"--If God Will...
Can Germany win again or Argentina/Brazil?  I believe that France,
England or Italy will be adamant for the upcoming WC 2018.  (7-26-17)

Do not be surprised, nevertheless, that either Nigeria/Ghana will perform
amazingly in the 2018 WC.  See to
delve into what happened To The Road Of The 2014 World Cup.
In addition, you will understand why Brazil failed to make out well
at the helm of Scolari, the Brazilian Coach.  A crushing 7-1 massacre was
the feat of Brazilian under the German squad's paws! Will Brazil develop
some strategies to win the Cup in 2018? That remains to be seen!
Meanwhile, Germany are prepping for the best studs in its squad for the
the next WC.  In conclusion, the 2018 WC will be tough as that of 2014, for
Argentina will revenge for having lost the Final vs. Germany. Although Argentina failed 1-0 to the Champions ( a beautiful volley of Mario Gotze),
Argentina may be regarded as a viable candidate to win the Cup in 2018!

After downgrading for two consecutive years in FIFA ranking, the German squad
is now atop  in ranking!